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Gentle relaxation techniques have persuaded me to use this method to enhance the welfare of my patients also in terms of their beauty, self-love and youthfulness - and much more beyond that.

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My Philosophy

I am a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery with a sub-specialty in hand surgery. My fascination for art and aesthetics already ignited during my school days.  The intricate, aesthetic and creative nature of this work – in connection with my deeply-felt desire to help people - is what drew me to this specialist area of medicine. In order to satisfy my own very high quality standard, I set about advancing my knowledge and practical experience beyond my specialty training in plastic surgery.  

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I was 15 years old when my mom was diagnosed by breast cancer. Both my parents were doctors, my father a OB/GYN and my mom an internal doctor. As a kid I didn’t like that they never had time for me, I never wanted to become a doctor. I loved anything that had to do with creativity...but with the diagnosis of my mother everything changed. My mother changed. She became so pessimistic.

I then thought:“ If I will make her laugh and be happy, everything will turn out fine!“ Unfortunately it did not and my mom died 4 years later of the consequences of that disease. I understood that my failure of not being able to rescue her was my lack of knowledge of medicine and disease. So I studied medicine with the intention to become a specialist in Cancer. Read More