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"Everyone is perfect just the way they are and with the decisions they make."




I am a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery with a sub-specialty in hand surgery. My fascination for art and aesthetics already ignited during my school days.  The intricate, aesthetic and creative nature of this work – in connection with my deeply-felt desire to help people - is what drew me to this specialist area of medicine. In order to satisfy my own very high quality standard, I set about advancing my knowledge and practical experience beyond my specialty training in plastic surgery.  This entailed taking several advanced educational courses in surgery in Germany and abroad while training as a plastic surgeon.  Several stays overseas – in the United States and Canada – allowed me to further hone my skills and acquire knowledge in innovative surgical techniques.


As a senior physician in Wetzlar, my objective was not only to help establish the department for plastic, aesthetic and hand surgery, but also to lead a unified team and to convey to my assistant doctors the importance of listening to their patients. Daily practice showed me time and again that good communication is fundamental for effective and pleasant collaboration; and it is also essential in dealing with patients.In leadership seminars, I learned a lot about communication and deepened it by completing an apprenticeship in hypnosis, because hypnosis is nothing more than conscious communication in a relaxed state.



As part of humanitarian missions in El Salvador, Rwanda, Cameroon, Iran and Sierra Leone – with Interplast Deutschland, for example – I was able to additionally expand my pool of experience. My work there also gave me a chance to give a little bit back to society.  After all, my life in our industrialized afforded me some wonderful opportunities: Highly specialized treatment methods and operative skills, for example.



In the light of increasing demands and challenges that go hand in hand with managing, turning my sights to personal development was a logical next step.  And a desire to not just develop professionally in my field of medicine but to also develop holistically was awakened. I thus decided to train as an internationally-accredited coach as well.

I was able to help thousands of people to feel more beautiful and more complete through surgical procedures during the course of my long years of practice as a plastic surgeon.


I understood and applied the law of attraction more and more and  found many answers to open questions that science could not offer me.
We now live in an era where cosmetic surgical procedures are part of everyday life. And this then engenders the question of how one can stand out from the crowd now?

But not only that, I personally love aesthetics and beauty. We live in a time in which our standard of living is so high that we can be in this wonderful world for a very, very long time. Wrinkles, aging, illness are still relics from our past and people are able to stay healthy, young and physically fit with their own power of thought and also look wrinkle-free and youthful.

As a plastic surgeon, it has always been my concern to improve the quality of life and well-being of my patients.

Since I discovered this natural, gentle method, also for my own needs, I have been offering my master classes. Here I share with you everything you need to shape and tone your body forever young and your attitude and thoughts on beauty, youth, age, nutrition and health change so that you get your dream body and appearance.  


For beginners I offer the Beautilicious Masterclass, you release your inner beauty, your self-confidence and change the way you deal with yourself, the relationship with yourself, you know that you are good enough as you are. This will make you stand out from the crowd and only in this way will you be the most beautiful among the beautiful. Your beauty and charisma depend on your attitude towards you. Change them to get the attention and appreciation you deserve. Find out how you can let your inner beauty shine with a lots of fun and joy.


In the context of deep relaxation and masterclasses, I support you in creating your best version of your body and face. Of course your inner beauty shines outwards with grace and elegance and thereby you become a sparkling star in the sky!


Have I sparked your interest? I invite you to get to know yourself and be the creator of your beauty.

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2017-2019: Goldstadt Private Clinic as a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery with the unique selling point hypnotherapy.


2011-2016: Senior doctor in the Department of Plastic

Aesthetic and Hand surgery, Klinikum Wetzlar,

Chief physician Dr. T. Dodic


Communication Trainer & Hypnotherapy & Fascilitator

2009-2011: Assistant Doctor in the Department of Plastic and

Aesthetic Surgery, Asklepios clinic Birkenwerder,

Chief physician Dr. K. Ueberreiter


2007 – 2009: Assistant Doctor in the Department of Plastic and Hand surgery, Friederikenstift Hannover, chief physician PD. J. Kopp


2005-2007: Assistant doctor in the Department of General Surgery, Park Clinic Weißensee, Berlin, chief physician PD. Dr. Med. G. Grossarl


2003-2005: Internship Burned center with plastic and reconstructive surgery, Emergency Hospital Berlin Marzahn, chief physician Dr. Med. B. Hartmann


2003: Promotion electromagnetic stimulation at Epicondylitis humeri Radialis, neurological Department of the Hannover Medical University, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Med. J. Rollnik

Experiences Abroad

Las Vegas - Sculpturing Course for aesthetic surgeons

Sierra Leone, Lunsar - Interplast Germany

Ruanda, Murunda - Interplast Germany

Vancouver, BC, Canada,Division of Plastic Surgery & Burn Unit

University of British Columbia & Vancouver General Hospital

Kamerun, Acha Tugi -Interplast Germany

Toronto, ON, Canada HSC Centre For Craniofacial Care & Research,

Division of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto

Iran, Rafsanjan - Interplast Germany

Halifax, NS, Canada, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dalhousie University 

New York City, NY, USA  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Center of Advanced Reconstructive Surgery

Boston, MA, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Womans Hospital Neurosurgery

Bosten, MA, Boston University, Boston Medical Center Emergency medicine

...and a lot of more.

Medical School
2003: 3rd State Examination and approbation Medical School Hanover


1998: Medical School Hanover, Germany


1997: Georg August University Göttingen, Germany

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