Wellbeing is
   more than beauty



I was 15 years old when my mom was diagnosed by breast cancer. Both my parents were doctors, my father a OB/GYN and my mom an internal doctor. As a kid I didn’t like that they never had time for me, I never wanted to become a doctor. I loved anything that had to do with creativity...but with the diagnosis of my mother everything changed. My mother changed. She became so pessimistic. I then thought:“ If I will make her laugh and be happy, everything will turn out fine!“ Unfortunately it did not and my mom died 4 years later of the consequences of that disease.

I understood that my failure of not being able to rescue her was my lack of knowledge of medicine and disease. So I studied medicine with the intention to become a specialist in Cancer. In my internship it was shear impossible for me to work with those cancer patients, every cancer patient reminded me of my mom, which then was very painful to me. I was at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, when I learned about plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery. I knew right away that was it, as I could support Cancer patients, breast cancer patients in their life quality. Finally that is what patient lose being ill. Working all over the world, doing humanitarian mission in Africa, Middle America, Asia and being in touch with any type of human being of any social and monetary status I finally realized, that there was more than just surgery. There was more than me being responsible. 

Being an assistant medical director I started to educate myself internationally in leadership and did also learn about personal development. This was when I learned that I truly was 100%  responsible for my life. I also learned, that the patient was 100% responsible for his life. This was where I learned about the power of communication and the power of words. The words I speak to my patients and the words I speak to myself and the words my patient speak to themself. This was when I learnt deep relaxation and to be very aware of my words talking to my patient. This was when I have learned that beauty is more than the outside appearance. It comes not only from inside but is created by you. This was also where I have realized that health is also created by you, your thoughts and your feelings; the same as disease. And finally I have learned that my relationship was created by myself. In those days I started to create the love of my life and here we go, being in love every day even more and married now.
So as you can read beauty for me is everything because it results out of love. So love equals beauty equals health and equals loving relationships.












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                                                     Together for health

With all the extra education besides my 15 years of experience as a plastic surgeon, I have found out that communication with oneself, as a patient or doctor as well as with each other has a huge impact on the results. Not only this. We are made out of our mind-body- heart and soul, and this is what is medicine of the new world. 

Thats why I also have created an english speaking group, including doctors, healthcare workers and patients from all over the world, who meet once ever second week, as a mastermind group.

The idea is to meet likeminded people, have a network and empower each one of both, that he/she makes a difference to change the health system to a better.

The group is free and you join as you can. If you are curious and would like to be part of the group, click here: drshirinmansouri and you will get the invitation link via email.
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