Forever Young !

Imagine, you are fulfilled and happy with your life, BUT tic toc, time is sitting in your neck.

Now that you feel comfortable with your life, no more need to struggle, or to proof yourself, now time is passing so fast, so quick. All you see is the wrinkles in your face, the skin sagging, you look old, you look older than you feel!

You might laugh or be estranged, I, as a board certified Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, Handsurgeon, Hypnotherapist, and user of the law of attraction, am telling you, that nobody has to age.

Our Lifestyle has changes so much since for example 100 years ago, we are getting older and older, stay fitter and fitter, evolution is in progress, but what happened with our outer appearance.

Let me tell you something, your thoughts make up your reality. So if you- as most of us grew up seeing your grandparents with white hair and wrinkles, complaining about their knee, or back pain.... this is when you learned about ageing and I am sure you learn even before about ageing.

Now scientifically it is proven, that our body cells do renew very regularly... so what ever there is in your subconscious mind, that's the information your cell get to renew...

If you think you have to age, if you think wrinkles is something that is god given with a certain age,... you know what kind of information you are giving even consciously to your cells.

So of course there are always more than one option in Life to a problem, surrender, go and fill up your face with Fillers and Botox and Co. every 6 month or so- but I haven't seen anybody getting rid of his worry and fear of ageing, by receiving painful injections, or even starting to believe that they get younger...

When I was in the beginning of the 30ties I started to worry about my ageing, and I guess this is where I suddenly realised, that I needed to find a more comfortable and more fun option to rejuvenate... and here I am meanwhile 12 years have passed and I can only invite you to start as early as you can not only to eliminate you negative thoughts about ageing, wrinkles, sagging skin, etc.... because as I explained earlier, you have practiced quiet some few years what you think about ageing and beauty and if you are concerned about your future or your look today and tomorrow, you better get it started.

What do I suggest to you: If you feel the pressure of needing to look good and the pressure that you are ageing, the first thing is to get rid off your fears. Because they won't let you to focus on what you want, to look young, smooth skin, tight, like when you where young and you definitely need to train your thoughts and believes about age, youth, illness, beauty etc. all the stuff that is connected with the appearance of old.

I give programs where I teach exactly this either in small groups of 3 people or one on one I will be your personal mental Trainer, to believe and know that you either stay the way you look know, or become as young as you want to look. But therefore I need to find out if you are the indicate person for this program. Everybody hast the power within himself to be/stay young, but I love fast results and therefore I check ahead if you are a good candidate for my program or not. Feel free to schedule an appointment with me now and mail to contact@drshirinmansouri.com .

If you want to start slow and you are a lover of meditation I would also inform you about your personalized guided meditation in which I will speak in person only for you and melt all your personal limited believes and seed new believes that serve you.

Therefore contact shop@drshirinmansouri.com and ask for the personal meditation.

Even if you don't wish any support at this moment of time. Please allow yourself to stay young forever and focus on how you would like to feel and look like with 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 years.

You are what you think, so think wise and clear, think love.

Love Shirin

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